Manufacturers of Portable Massage Chairs

Portable massage chair is an essential part of every massaging business. If you want your client to have a satisfying experience, you must choose the right chair. When choosing the massage chair, you should check the brand name. There are many different manufacturers of portable massage chair. Some of the popular manufacturers of portable massage include Black, Earthlite, Stronglite, and OneTouch Massage.

“Black” is a famous brand name for portable massage chair. Black massage chair is extremely comfortable because it has sufficient padding. The seat of Black massage chair is manufactured from a type of material called PU. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to clean the chair. After the client got up, you just need to use a cloth to wipe it. The cover of the chair will not show wrinkles after the client sit on it for several hours. It is foldable so you can easily keep it in a small space. It is built to bear heavy weight. Although it has the capability to bear heavy weight, it is actually very light. It is lightweight because the framework is made from oval aluminum tube.

Earthlite is one of the leading manufacturers of portable massage chair. Earthlite massage chair is lightweight and not difficult to carry at all. You can easily set up the Earthlite massage chair in a short time. It is suitable for people who want to bring massage therapy to places such as office, park and etc. The framework is made from oval tube aluminum. The cushion of the massage chair is comfortable. The chair is fully adjustable so you can conveniently perform the massage on your clients. It produces massage chair in a variety of upholstery colors including purple, orange, blue, green and etc. The carry bag can be equipped with wheel or shoulder strap. The wheeled bag allows you to drag it to several places.

Stronglite has years of experiences in manufacturing massage chairs. It offers innovative massage chair at an affordable price for massage therapists. Stronglite massage chair meets the industry standards. The massage chair is durable and will ensure harsh conditions. If you want to make your client happy, this is the massage chair you need to buy. The massage chair has an ergonomic design. It enables you to provide a proper alignment for the clients that come to your massage center. Stronglite offers a portable chair called Ergo Pro that is designed by David Palmer, the founder of Touch Pro.

OneTouch is also a good brand portable massage chair brand name. The chair features all the settings in a commercial massage chair. The height of the OneTouch massage chair can be adjusted according to the need of your client. You can adjust the face cradle and head rest of the massage chair in different angles.

When shopping for massage chair, be sure to read reviews so that you know which manufacturer is the best. By reading the reviews, you will be able to learn about the pros and cons of the massage chair.