How to Choose Portable Massage Chair

If you own a massage business, you need to buy a portable massage chair. The portable massage chair is the most important asset of the business because your client is going to sit on it. When choosing a massage chair, you need to check the comfort level. The only way to find out whether the massage chair is comfortable is to sit on it. When sitting on it, there should be no wrinkle on it. Poor quality massage chair will develop wrinkles after the person sit on it for many hours. The structure of the massage chair must be sturdy so that it won’t collapse easily. The cushion must have enough padding so that your backside won’t touch the base of the seat. The headrest, armrest, and seat must be well padded. In this way, your patient will feel comfortable during the massaging session.

While at the store, you need to read the description and check what accessories are included. The portable massage chair should have a removable knee rest. The removable knee rest is necessary for patients that are having difficulties bending their knees. If they have difficulty bending their knees, they can position them on the knee pads. The portable massage chair must include a standard sternum pad. The sternum pad should have a triangle shape. Triangle shape sternum pad will be much more comfortable for patients with larger body size. Women with big breasts will also find the triangle shape sternum pad comfortable.

The massage chair must be fully adjustable in all directions. Some of the features of the massage chair that must be adjustable include face cradle, chest pad, seat and etc.

In addition, it should have a sturdy bag. The bag allows you to carry the massage chair to wherever you want easily. The standard carry bag has a padded shoulder strap for the user to carry it. Some bags are equipped with wheels. The castors enable you to drag the bag around conveniently. You can find a massage chair with a bag that has hidden pouch. The hidden pouch can be used to store the valuables of the client when he is undergoing the massage. It gives the client an assurance that their valuables are safe.

Another thing that you must consider is the weight of the portable massage chair. It should have a light weight but possess the capability to bear a heavy weight. Normally, a good portable massage chair will weight 15 pounds to 25 pounds. Most portable massage chairs can bear a working weight of up to 300 pounds and a static weight of 1000 pounds.

The portable massage chair must be covered with good warranty coverage. The warranty coverage enables you to get a free replacement if the massage chair becomes damaged. The warranty coverage should be at least 10 – 20 years. Customers should always buy branded portable massage chairs as they are more reliable. If you want to learn how to choose a portable massage chair, you can do research and read reviews on the websites.